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Saturday, September 22, 2007

One way ticket

(These entries were handwritten in a travel journal my friend Flor gave me before I left. I'm putting them under the Finnish category for now...)

Travel Journal. But I'm not on a regular trip. I'm on my way to a new life. Better life? Who knows... But one thing for sure - it'll be a hell lot different than the current life that I've been leading in Dallas.

Why the change? It's hard to summarize all the various reasons in a few words, or even in a couple of paragraphs. But perhaps the reasons aren't that important. I think I've become complacent, kinda stuck in a rut, for a while. I need something to make me feel alive again. A drastic change such as this might just do the trick....

The plane is pushing away from the gate now. That initial jerk, albeit slight, sets it in motion. Similarly, the initial thought of working in Finland, almost as a joke to myself, made this happen. That was three months ago. It took a while for everything to fall into place (interviews, paperwork, packing etc.) and I'm still not in Finland yet, but I'm on the plane that's leaving Dallas. A one-way ticket to Tampere (well, ok, passing through Frankfurt and Copenhagen). What will it be like living there, not just visiting on a business trip? To be honest, I'm a little scared. But just a little. The excitement and anticipation are almost wearing me out.

Here comes my favorite part... the takeoff. That moment where the plane leaves the ground - a sense of freedom and promise of adventures to come. I really need to look into flying lessons soon instead of just talking about it.

( zzzz )

I'm now on the flight from Frankfurt to Copenhagen. The previous flight was quite pleasant. Long flights (10+ hrs) don't even bother me anymore, I usually just sleep through them. Slight turbulence can only help to rock me into deeper slumber. Heavier turbulence can be fun too, but I think it bothers the other passengers. Oh well.

This is a short flight. We're almost there. There's a couple of noisy teenagers next to me (I think they are siblings from the way they're bickering with each other). On the first flight (DFW - FRA) I had the pleasure of being seated next to a Swedish guy who incidentally works for Ericsson (as a sourcing manager). We had a nice chat, a little bit about our companies but mostly about living and experiences in different countries (he's lived in North Carolina for several years before).

Ooh, smooth landing. Almost didn't notice it. Continue later.....

Copenhagen airport is lovely. Not so sure about Frankfurt airport as most of it just whizzed by me as I tried to make my connecting flight with only an hour of layover time. I actually had time to shop around a little on this second layover. Many shops filled with designer (read: expensive) goods. Didn't make any purchases. I've already got too much stuff. While packing my things to be shipped the last few days, I came across tons of useless junk that I paid money for and never fully utilized. Kinda depressing.

Food. Travel. A good winter coat/jacket. That's what I'll spend on in Finland. Oh and some basic pieces of furniture (bed, table, chair) to get started in my apartment. From complications and excess to simplicity and minimalism. Can I make the change?

cybette wrote this at 02:33 AM

Turning a new page in your life is always exciting. I hope you like Tampere.

Posted by Pearlyn -- September 29, 2007 10:54 PM

i like very much Tampere because very good city.

Posted by Home Based Business -- December 4, 2008 05:19 AM