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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Pullea pupu (chubby bunny)

Well actually, since moving to Finland, I've lost some weight. But before any of you get overly concerned that I'm not eating well enough etc. (especially when I have no cooking skills to speak of), let me assure you that the weight loss is from being more active (walking to and from work, climbing stairs instead of taking the elevator, but not going to the gym or anything like that) and eating healthier. Cafeteria food is decent and provides plenty of nutrition. Eating out is a bit more expensive than in the States but I still allow myself that treat once or twice a week.

Escargot at La Bussola Tiramisu at La Bussola

The above were from La Bussola, where I went with a friend to celebrate his birthday. Previously I've only had escargot once in Paris, and I recall it being quite good, but this one was really really good. Dripping in oil, I don't know how authentic it is, but I was definitely sighing with pleasure (and perhaps just a little guilt). The tiramisu was heavenly as well, it was so fluffy and melted readily in my mouth. When I first saw the size I didn't think I could finish it (being already very full from the main course), but it was gone in a flash. I had some pasta dish for the main course and it was nice, but I think my appetizer and dessert were the winners of the night.

My favorite chinese restaurant in Tampere is Lotus Garden. I've heard that Shanghai Ren Jia is better but I have yet to try it, so we shall see. Favorite thai place is Thai Na Khon. Most people only know the restaurant Thai & Laos but that's just above average. For a good hearty steak I like The Grill or Coyote, and for a nice sausage feast accompanied by some great beer I'd head over to Plevna.

Honorary mentions go to a couple of spanish restaurants, Bodega Salud (I want to try their Rocky Mountain Oysters -- hint: they are not really oysters) and Sevilla; as well as viking restaurant Harald.

But right now, I suddenly have the urge to have some Jiao Zi! Maybe I should check if they have some in the asian supermarket. That's one of the few things which I can actually cook. And prepare a dip of soy sauce, sesame oil and vinegar mix. Mmmm....

Update: A jaiku discussion about some great (and expensive) restaurants in Tampere. Most of which I've not been to. Guess I'm staying in Tampere for a while longer! :D

cybette wrote this at 11:27 PM

As for Jiao Zi, Shanghai Ren Jia serves fried Jiao Zi, but it is not available all the time, we have to be either lucky or make a reservation first. If you want water boiled Jiao Zi, the Asian market near the Indian restaurant sell the cover, you will have to prepare the stuffing and wrap them by yourself. I think we can arrange one day making Jiao Zi at my place.

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