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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Nokia Summer Party

My first Nokia summer party! It was last Friday (6/6). Have heard about these parties being great fun (in Finland) and it sure was, except that I wasn't feeling my best that day (woke up with a terrible headache and was coming down with something...). Still had a wonderful time with my co-workers and just seeing everyone in a relaxed mood. Weather was great, hot even. The band Lauri Tähkä ja Elonkerjuu performed, as well as a couple of Nokia bands.

Some pics here. Also for occasional pics from my life in Tampere, check this out (and subscribe to the feed! :))

Had a few cold drinks at the party, since it was so hot (I even put on sunblock just in case). When we finally decided to eat (didn't do that earlier because the food queue was too long), there was no food left! So a bunch of us (I think 7-8) ended up having our dinner at Hesburger (Finnish McDonald's). Of all places, yeah... well, goes with the cheap beers we had earlier that afternoon I suppose ;) We didn't feel like going to the official afterparty, so we went to Saha terrace for some drinks. Ok, I had one, and I was dozing off. Kinda rude to my co-workers I thought, so I decided to leave early. Got home, got sick. Really sick... high fever and chills through the night, waking up every half hour feeling either too hot or too cold. Throat hurt like hell, and overall just miserable. Went to the doctor on Monday, got some antibiotics and 3-day sick leave. Now feeling better, almost recovered, so no worries.

Anyway, looking forward to next year's summer party. Hope I'll be at 100% energy level then so I can party through the night :D

cybette wrote this at 01:45 AM

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