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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Hello & Goodbye on July 5

Hello & Goodbye on July 5

Last summer I roamed far and wide
Up to Nordkapp, down to Turku
Spanning three countries only to find
The one across the street, the one & only you

Initially hooked by your captivating smile
My main impression of you from Ruisrock
When we next met, you sang for me
And with your piano keys, my heart in lock

My favorite place - on piano bench by your side
Watching your fingers on the keyboard take flight
Emoting such passion for your music and life
Filling my days with hope and light

I love the way you gazed into my eyes
The way you gently whispered me good night
The way your infectious laugh rang in my ears
The way your strong arms enveloped me tight

Many nights I would rather sacrifice sleep
To watch you beside me in slumber deep
As you hold my hand close to your heart
Feeling your heartbeat, your breath from lips apart

The tender caresses of those lips will be
Forever etched in my memory
The way you spooned me, the way you kiss
All of the above, and more, I will sorely miss...

Winter befell, seemingly an omen cast
As the snow fell, I realized I was falling too
You once called me your angel, I am but fallen...
Fallen to earth, fallen in love with you

Time with you so wonderful it almost felt unreal
Many magical moments I wish I could freeze
But the snow had to melt, and with it my fate seal
As resolute as the black and white piano keys

It broke my heart when you confessed
A future with me you couldn't conceive
Erasing the possibilities I'd envisioned for us
Shattering the dream I longed to believe

I wonder what I could've done differently
Spoke of my feelings sooner, or given you more?
But perhaps I made it all too easy
No challenge for you, no thrill in the score

It's not in my nature however to "play games"
Yet in the game of life, the dice have to be sown
I took a risk with you and chose a menolippu
Now I'm stranded with no return ticket to own

From the highest of highs to the lowest of lows
Rakastan sinua aina, may you remember
All that we have shared, those beautiful memories
And pray this wounded heart will eventually recover

This summer, exactly a year to follow
I dreamt the impossible dream
And woke up with tears on my pillow
I guess it's time you set me free

Goodbye my number eighty-seven
I hope you find your peace of heaven
While I spread my wings like a raven
Forlornly in search of my new haven...

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