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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

無悔 (No regrets) by 張惠妹 (A-mei)

It's already almost the end of first month in 2008. The past year has seen major changes in my life. But you know what, I think there might be more this year. Hopefully for the better.

Been listening to A-mei's stuff these past couple of days...

I've always tried to live my life without regret. Can't say I'm always successful, but at the end of the day, I can say, at least I tried. I'd rather have taken the step, attempted something, even taking a risk, and regret the action, than to regret not doing anything.

But, some great lyrics and my rough translation follows:

我靜靜坐在車裡面 雨灑遍車外的世界

你總是錯了才後悔 我總是讓你說抱歉

你要我再給你機會 我感到無奈而疲憊
車外的雨籠罩一切 車裡的我暮然發現
在不知不覺之中 已經快要走到終點

愛可以無悔 可以無怨
我不想有悔 不想含怨
就請你答應我 在走到盡頭之前說再見

我無悔 我無怨

rough translation:

Still, I sat alone in the car
Spill, the rain on the world outside
In the rear view mirror I see myself
So pale and forlorn

You, only regret after a wrong
Me, always letting you say you're sorry
Love, the story repeatedly being told
Between forgiveness and heartbreak

From me, you want yet another chance
For me, only hopelessness and exhaustion
The rain drowning all but my sudden realization
Subconsciously, we've almost reached the end

Love can be without regret, without complaint
Except we're completely depleted
To go through it again
I don't want regrets, don't want grudges
So please promise me
Say goodbye before we've reached the end

No regrets... no complaints...
Just promise me... goodbye... before the end

cybette wrote this at 07:44 PM

this last month of 2008 I hope you have passing with enjoy and major change in your life. Hopefully for the better the next year of 2009

Posted by Home Based Business -- December 4, 2008 06:00 AM

thanks for beautiful lyrics and thx for translating. we hope that 2009 will comes with great happiness and joy for all.....

Posted by ecommerce solutions -- December 30, 2008 11:20 PM