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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Closing the Pandora's Box

Our eyes met across the crowded platform... I felt your presence just a split second before that. I was truly happy to see you, greeting you with my widest smile, yet the hurt in my eyes did not escape your attention. I couldn't hide anything from you, not that I wanted to...

And you, you were like an angel that came down from heaven to take my pain away. We hugged, and your comfort enveloped me. Looking into your eyes as you held my hand and gently stroked my hair, I could only breath a deep sigh of contentment. You made me feel so much better, but at the same time so so lost.

Was I a fool, falling for my guardian angel? How could an angel be with a mere mortal anyway? Of course you had to leave, and I had to let go. As you took off, you turned around and our gazes locked once more. If only I could freeze frame that moment for eternity.

But, were those all that I'm left with, memories for eternity? The memory of your soft kiss lingering on my lips, your warm hugs scorching my body, your intense gaze forever etched in my mind? I felt something leave my body as your silhouette faded away from my sight. It left me cold... I shuddered involuntarily even though it was warm in the station.

I knew you weren't going far, you were my guardian angel after all, and that you could feel it whenever I thought of you. You were like the stars in the sky, so beautiful, always watching over me, yet totally unreachable.

Were those tears? I found myself blinking away something, and as my vision became clearer I was staring at an unfamiliar ceiling. It was a hotel room with a nice king sized bed that I was lying in... was that just a dream? If so, how come it felt so real? I reached out and touched the pillow, it was damp. I fought to remember those feelings, although I didn't have to try too hard, as they were so strong, and still are.

However, the floodgates have been opened and too much has escaped. Was there good along with the bad that came out of this? I believe so, but still the lid needed to be closed, for now. At least Hope has remained in the box, I "hope"...

你是我的守護天使; sä oot mun suojelusenkeli

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