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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Jaiku digest - special roadtrip edition

Sore throat, ringing ears, wobbly knees, aching feet... All in all a successful first festival experience in Finland! Now waiting for train and eating caramel wafers (kiitos @ppk!). Heading back to tampere after being away for more than a week...

2 days ago in Turku, Finland.

Day 3, final day of the festival as well as my trip / summer vacation... feeling a bit sad. But, still gonna rock hard for the remaining hours!

2 days, 8 hours ago in Turku, Finland.

Second day, seems like 10x as many people here compared to yesterday. Just got hit on by a girl...

3 days, 1 hour ago in Ruisrock!!!, Turku, Finland.

From tent to spa.

3 days, 6 hours ago in Ruisrock!!!, Turku, Finland.

Got bluetooth advertisements! Duncan received a Koff ringtone and I got a Koff video clip. Technology, beer and music, this can't get any better, or can it?

4 days, 3 hours ago in Ruisrock!!!, Turku, Finland.

Ruisrock baby!! (not gonna Jaiku too much, not sure about being able to charge the phone at the camp site).

4 days, 13 hours ago in Viking terminal, Turku, Finland.

Standing in a non-moving line trying to get on Amorella (the ferry). Such a wonderful meetku and lovely city, gonna come back to sweden again soon! (need to visit Göteborg at least ;))

5 days ago in Viking terminal, Stockholm, Sweden.

7am arrival in stockholm. Tourist info kiosk ran out of maps. Guess we'll just wander around for a while until we meet up with Jonas and Anders!

5 days, 12 hours ago in Centralstation, Stockholm, Sweden.

Reached Luleå early, walked around and shopped for food, returned rental car (drove ~1900km) and dragged our stuff 1.7km to the train station. Now in tiny cabin that we paid big money for...

6 days, 3 hours ago in Centralstation, Luleå, Sweden.

Just crossed arctic circle on the swedish side. Skies are dark... Probably will see rain again today

6 days, 8 hours ago in Arctic circle, Lapland, Sweden.

Driving along the border of finland and sweden. Sonera consistently get close to full signal out here in lapland, but Elisa/kolumbus sometimes get only one bar or occasionally lose signal

6 days, 10 hours ago in Somewhere along E8, Enontekiö, Finland.

Ruisrock tickets booked (received as 2D barcode in an sms), campsite reserved, now we need a tent!!

6 days, 20 hours ago in Lapland Hotel Hetta, Enontekiö, Finland.

Breathtaking views from the room and restaurant at this hotel. Now planning a juicy pepper steak for dinner, followed by sauna, and then maybe head out to catch the midnight sun again ...

1 week ago in Lapland Hotel Hetta, Enontekiö, Finland.

Danger of running out of gas... Next town isn't for another 100km

1 week ago in Norway.

Midnight sun is really quite an experience... Sunset and sunrise within 5 minutes, with the sun never really disappearing.

1 week ago in Nordkapp Camping, Skipsfjorden, Norway.

I've failed.

1 week, 1 day ago in Nordkapp Camping, Skipsfjorden, Norway.

Bare bones "hotel", no towel, soap, shampoo etc. Bed linens extra. Luckily I was prepared :) going to the northernmost point of europe soon!!!

1 week, 1 day ago in Nordkapp Camping, Skipsfjorden, Norway.

Just crossed the border, we're now in Norway! Didn't even get to stop. Very uneventful. Still in Elisa network so going to upload some stuff to Ovi

1 week, 1 day ago in Border crossing, Darvunjarga, Finland.

Gorgeous view from the Kaunispää lookout, with a fighter jet flying by unexpectedly. Next stop, Näkkäläjärvi store in Inari

1 week, 1 day ago in Kaunispää, Saariselkä, Finland.

Can't get to sleep

1 week, 1 day ago in Saariselän Panimo, Saariselkä, Finland.

Quaint little hotel, putting on some bug spray, going to explore this beauty of a town called saariselkä.

1 week, 2 days ago in Saariselkä, Finland.

Found a beautiful lake/river side to park and have our lunch. Weather is gorgeous too... Ahhhhh

1 week, 2 days ago in Kurkiaskantie, Aska, Finland.

Wow still popular here right in the middle of summer. Christmas all year round it seems. Crossing the arctic circle line in a few minutes!

1 week, 2 days ago in Santa's Village, Rovaniemi, Finland.

Reached santa land right around midnight, still bright like midday, stark contrast to my last trip here in christmas. Bit tired from traveling but still feel like going for a drink...

1 week, 2 days ago in City Hotel, Rovaniemi, Finland.

In oulu after a 5 hr train ride. On our way to get rental car from airport and then drive up to rovaniemi for the night

1 week, 3 days ago in Rautatieasema, Oulu, Finland.

Oops again, forgot to start sportstracker in tampere. So our tripku will look like it started in Seinäjoki :P

1 week, 3 days ago in Rautatieasema, Seinäjoki, Finland.

Oops, forgot to Jaiku the start of our tripku. Anyway we're on the train from tampere to oulu and it's packed!

1 week, 3 days ago in Finland.

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