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Monday, July 14, 2008

Jaiku digest 14.07.2008

A girlie agenda for the evening: sewing and painting my nails. (yes, i can sew! i just can't cook...)

2 hours, 10 minutes ago.

Shit! It's raining! how do i get home, no umbrella :(

5 hours, 31 minutes ago.

Been a long week... recovering from a trip, getting sick, catching up with work (but failing), trying to recover from this cold/flu/whatever, catching up with friends, Tammerfest, sending S off at the train station... oh and trying out Nokia Chat :P

22 hours, 7 minutes ago in Hervanta, Tampere, Finland.

Yes! I can breath through my nose! Hope this lasts... so i can stop feeling like a porn star lying around with my flytrap open

1 day, 2 hours ago.

Tammerfest. First, wonderful BBQ @ Minna & Mika's (Kiitos!); now drinks and more drinks (my face is red); next YUP & CMX \m/

2 days, 2 hours ago in Rautatieasema, Tampere, Finland.

Had a dream about time travel, superman and batman. Weird. Woke up and received email about my grandma in hospital. And another friend ...

2 days, 8 hours ago in Hervanta, Tampere, Finland.

Carol's been giving lots of blow jobs these past couple of days.. to her nose :P Anyway, now some Thai food, might help with the congestion?

3 days, 3 hours ago.

Good morning! This is me: http://xkcd.com/448/

3 days, 9 hours ago.

Stayed up last night chatting with someone special, now suffering the consequences. Gonna drag my sorry ass to the doctor's now...

4 days, 10 hours ago.

Seen in breakroom: "Friday *bums* not served during July". (should be buns) ... lol

6 days, 9 hours ago.

Life is about making the best of what you have and not feeling sorry for yourself for what you don't / can't have. I'm learning, everyday :)

1 week ago.

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