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Friday, July 18, 2008

My new favorite toy: Nokia E71


I cannot take my hands off this phone, the Nokia E71. Well of course as a person who uses her phone a lot, I can say that about any "current" device I'm carrying. But I really try to fondle my E71 every chance I get. If you follow me and my conversations on Jaiku, you'll know that I gush over it all the time and recommend everyone to get it or at least try it out. Not only because it's a Nokia device, but because it's just so wonderfully pleasant to use. Most people who have tried it (as well as other competing devices) also agree. It's not perfect, but there are so many excellent features that it possesses and you overlook those couple of flaws. Besides, a thing doesn't have to be perfect for you to love it. And I love this thing. Even more so than the E90, N95 and E62 that I used before it, which are all fantastic devices in their own right.

Had it since February for some internal testing work but couldn't bring it out and show it off until recently when it was announced. I have the grey steel version (on the right). Haven't had a chance to see a white steel one in person, but the photos look good... if this unit gets recalled from me, I might pay out of my own pocket to get one for myself. Yes, I like it that much. But which colour? I usually go with dark colours but maybe for once I should go with the white one? Hmm.

cybette wrote this at 09:32 AM

i have this phone and good functionality very easy to use and also good result camera picture clearity

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